CIS 211

Mon Wed 5:00-6:15pm

Teacher - Nick Romano

Student - Ron Lakin

Class Projects

click on image to open page, click on caption to test responsive web design in screenfly

Project 1 Fav Holiday
Project 2 Boxes
Project 3 - 3Col
Project 4 2 col
Project 5 Reset 1
Project 5 Reset 2
Project 6 Flex
Project 7 RWD
Project 8 RWD
Project 9 Vertical
Project 9 Horizontal
Zen Garden
Final Project

Project Folders

Proj. 1 holiday folder
Project 2 folder
Project 3 folder
Project 4 folder
Project 5 folder
Project 6 folder
Project 7 RWD folder
Project 8 Cell RWD folder
Project 9 Vert Folder
Project 9 Horz folder
Zen Garden Folder
Final Folder

In-class Assignments

1st Assignment
In-Classs Dropdown Menu
In-Classs CSS Slide Menu
ticTacToe Game
#11 Calc Functions
Annotate CSS
#12 Print CSS

#9 Animations

In-class animation sliding square
In-class animation Rotate Color Wheel
In-class animation 3 play-pause
In-class animation.css
In-class Transitions
Bouncing Balls

In-class Assignments Folders

Assign. 1 folder
Assgmnt vid folder
2-10-16 folder
Drop Down Menu folder
CSS Slide Menu Folder
animate 1 Folder
animate 2 Folder
animate 3 Folder
Animate CSS Folder
Animate CSS Folder
Bouncing Balls Folder
Calc Folder
TicTacToe Folder
Annotate Folder

Misc. Stuff

Image Cube
Clock 1 - CSS Animation
Clock 3- JS animation
Project 2 Flex Boxes
Menu Flex

Misc. Folders

Image Cube Folder
Clock Folder
uitotop folder
Boxes flex folder
Shadowbox folder
Video/Audio folder
Menu Flex folder
Template Folder